Professional Investigation Services

We provide investigative and litigation support services for civil, criminal, personal injury, family, business, tort, contract, and consulting matters:

• Identify parties in litigation matters (plaintiffs/petitioners, defendants/respondents, witnesses and subject matter experts).
• Identify facts relevant to prosecution or defense of the matter.
• Assist attorneys, persons, and organizations in developing litigation strategies to pursue or defend claims.
• Party (plaintiff/petitioner, defendant/respondent, and witness) interviews.
• Accident scene investigation and reconstruction.
• Site and vehicle inspections related to personal injury claims.
• Fraud identification, mitigation, and prevention measures.
• Asset searches and recovery.

Due diligence investigations can help a person or organization to identify, mitigate and even prevent personal or business losses or provide important information that is helpful in the furtherance if a legal matter. Some of the due diligence services Utah Investigators provides include:

• Background investigations to discover civil, social, and criminal histories locally, nationally and abroad.
• Preemployment and post-employment background inquiries to discover and verify employment and financial histories.
• Asset searches.
• Incident investigation and analysis.
• Fraud identification, mitigation and prevention measures.
• Field (on site) investigations in support of due diligence efforts.

Our expert investigators can assist you with locating people and organizations for a variety of legally acceptable reasons:

• Locate missing or lost persons
• Conduct witness interviews
• Finding lost or hiding defendants
• Searches for family members
• Identity verification inquiries
• People and property surveillance
• Assist in child support and visitation orders enforcement
• Post-trial juror locating and interviewing

Preservation of critical data online and on desktop and mobile devices is often critical in the management of a litigation matter. Utah Investigators can assist with the discovery and preservation of data:

• Social media and online data
• Desktop or stationary computing technology such as PCs and servers
• E-mail data preservation and recovery
• Mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones

Our paralegal team can assist litigants and attorneys to research and prepare documentation and evidence important to your legal matter. Our services include:

• Document and pleadings preparation, review, filing, and retrieval
• Legal research and verification
• Information and evidence review
• Voir dire research

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