CODE OF ETHICAL CONDUCT|Process Service Agency provides professional process service and investigative services. We conduct our business in a manner worthy of the public trust, carefully avoiding any practice that would intentionally bring harm to us, our clients, our associates, or to our profession. We subscribe to the following Code of Ethical Conduct:


We perform our duties in accordance with the law and ethical principles.
We abide by the law, perform our duties honorably and do not knowingly engage persons who do not conform to the law and these ethical standards. We respect the rights of others performing professional responsibilities and we adhere to the codes of ethics established by the professional organizations of which we are members-in-good-standing.


We observe the principles of truthfulness, honesty, and integrity.
We disclose all relevant information to those having a legal “right to know”; we do not knowingly release or encourage or otherwise participate in the release of misleading information; we report our findings fully, honestly and objectively and provide only unbiased testimony when called upon to testify in legal proceedings.


We are diligent in discharging our professional responsibilities.
We endeavor to adhere to our promises and commitments; we execute our assignments in the best interest of our clients; we do not participate in matters involving conflicts of interest without disclosure; and we represent services our and products fairly and truthfully.


We are competent in discharging our professional responsibilities.
We possess and adequately apply the skills and knowledge necessary for each assignment; and we do not accept a task beyond our competence nor claim competence when not possessed.


We safeguard confidential information and exercise care to prevent improper disclosure.
We maintain the integrity and confidentiality of all information provided by our clients or that which we otherwise learn, discover, or acquire during an investigation; we do not knowingly reveal confidential information or use a confidence to the disadvantage of our client or that of a third-party without appropriate consent.


We obtain information through lawful means.
We verify public-source information prior to disclosure; and we conduct appropriate due diligence to ensure a legitimate interest in and prior to the lawful release of any personally identifiable or location information to any person or organization.

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